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Gloria Jean’s Coffees is one of Australia’s favourite places to relax or reinvigorate. Coffee and people are our passion and we’re committed to making our local coffee houses a community success story. With over two hundred & thirty stores around Australia in convenient locations, it’s easy to find one near you.

We’re a specialty global chain. We’re not your standard chain coffee. The big secret in our specialty coffee is Gloria Jean’s buys from the same farms as the best independent cafes. We produce award winning coffee, but a good cup isn’t enough, we need to look like a specialty retailer; clean lines, un-cluttered front counters, and less visual pollution.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees was founded almost 40 years ago by Gloria Jean Kvetko 1979 in Chicago, USA. In 1996, the first Gloria Jean’s Coffees opened in Sydney, Australia. Fast forward to 2019 and Gloria Jean’s Coffees is now a global success story, serving specialty coffee in over 50 markets. To this day Gloria Jean’s Coffees continues to uphold the premise it was founded on all those years ago, which is to serve customers with the highest quality specialty coffee, every time.

Product Quality

That’s our reputation in the cup. It’s also our commitment for producing high-quality coffee. It’s why we go out of our way to source the best quality beans and cup, check each batch of coffee roasted.


Ensuring Gloria Jean’s is a sustainable business is a high priority for us. We’re committed to establishing lasting relationships with our farmers, upholding the highest standards & methods of making coffee while investing in research and product development.

Day Parting Service

Making a customer’s day with our customer service and great tasting coffee. To put a smile on their face and keep them coming back.


Gloria Jean’s is a global specialty coffee chain that is committed to positively impacting community groups and building livelihoods. Coffee has the ability to make people pause and interact with each other. Human connection is why we’re here, and sometimes we realise it’s as simple as two lattes.

Our Vision

To be the most loved & respected coffee company worldwide.

We want to be the most loved and respected coffee company in the world, and we are tireless in our pursuit to serve the highest quality coffee, while making each and every one of our guests feel like they are returning home when they step into one of our coffee houses.

Our Mission

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is committed to building a unified family who consistently serve the highest quality coffee and provide outstanding and personalised service in a vibrant store atmosphere.

Our Values

Our four values reflect who we are, and how we approach everything we do.

These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

By maintaining these core values, regardless of how large a company we become, we can preserve what has always been special about our brand.

  • Partnerships based on integrity and trust
  • Commitment to excellence and innovation
  • A culture of joy and passion
  • Belief in people, building & changing lives